About Us

Collaborative Pediatrics Edu is an educational community developed with the intent to support best practices in child health and development. Our community is a sharing space for education, innovation and research with contributions from a variety of interdisciplinary professionals. Collaborative Pediatrics Edu promotes global sharing through webinars, courses, tools and resources at affordable and accessible costs.

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Mission Statement

To improve the quality of life for all children by inspiring professionals to promote best practices through collaboration and education.

Values Statement

Inspired by Dr. Jean Ayres, Collaborative Pediatrics Edu values sensory integration theory, neurobiology and relationship on the impact of life experiences. Our values are based on:

Accessibility: Improved access to quality learning opportunities derived in evidence-based practices, theory and clinical application.

Affordability: We strive to provide learning opportunities at lower costs.

Relationship and Connection: We believe that relationships and connection have the ability to make lasting impacts on healing, growth and positive life experiences.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Learning from one another can add value to our professional growth, holistic lens and patient-centered care.

Culture: We value cultural differences and strive to support all nations.

Research and Innovation: We aim for advancement and innovation through collaborative research.