Breastfeeding With Confidence: Getting Ready Prenatally

Presented By: Sonya Boersma, BN, MScN, RN, IBCLC

Course Description:

This take-from-your-couch online course is perfect for new mothers, new-again-parents, and parents in late pregnancy. The webinar is a great start yet this course provides so much more information in 16 bite-sized videos with additional bonus videos and Breastfeeding Plan to share with your healthcare provider. The goal is for parents to gift themselves a strong start to their breastfeeding/infant feeding journey.

 Learning outcomes:

Participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the importance of breastfeeding to parents, the baby, the environment in more detail
  2. Become familiar with why a “Baby-Friendly” birthplace is important
  3. Have familiarity with how baby’s behaviour and tongue shows readiness for first feed
  4. Learn details of how to get a comfortable latch
  5. Learn details of mother and infant positions
  6. Become aware of international recommendations for infant feeding and tips if infant formula is suggested
  7. Gain perspective on breastfeeding, is it easy to breastfeed or hard?
  8. Know what to expect for baby’s output i.e., pees, poop as the first days progress
  9. Receive tips of what to purchase
  10. Learn tips for a birth plan and postpartum plan, and be provided a Breastfeeding Plan template

Intended Audience: Pregnant mothers, new parents, along with a significant other. Highly beneficial for healthcare professionals.


Cost: $49 CAD