Rebound Therapy Practitioner Certification Program: Mastery in Therapeutic Trampoline Interventions

Presented By: Sigourney Weathers, PT, DPT, Therapeutic Trampoline Specialist


Embark on a transformative journey in the Rebound Therapy Practitioner Certification Program: Mastery in Therapeutic Trampoline Interventions. This comprehensive 12-week course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to become proficient in Rebound Therapy. From understanding the principles and benefits of Rebound Therapy to mastering assessment techniques and intervention strategies, participants will gain a deep understanding of how trampoline-based interventions can improve motor skills, sensory integration, communication, and overall well-being. With modules covering anatomy and physiology, trampoline techniques, goal setting, program planning, business and ethics, and practical experience, this program provides a holistic approach to becoming a skilled Rebound Therapy Practitioner. Bonuses include access to advanced techniques, upskilling opportunities, a community FB page, and post-course mentorship. Join us and unlock the true potential of Rebound Therapy to make a difference in the lives of individuals with diverse abilities.

 Learning outcomes:

Participants will be able to:

  1. Gain Comprehensive Knowledge: Participants will acquire a comprehensive understanding of Rebound Therapy, including its principles, benefits, and applications. They will learn about the physical properties of the trampoline, safety considerations, and guidelines for conducting Rebound Therapy sessions. Participants will also develop proficiency in trampoline set-up and take-down.


  1. Master Assessment and Intervention: Participants will develop the skills to assess clients and set SMART goals in Rebound Therapy. They will learn how to conduct comprehensive client assessments, track progress, and adapt interventions based on assessment results. Participants will explore various trampoline activities and techniques, understanding how each activity targets specific goals and outcomes. They will also learn to modify activities for individuals with diverse abilities.


  1. Business and Ethical Proficiency: Participants will gain the knowledge and tools to establish and manage a successful Rebound Therapy practice. They will understand ethical considerations and professional standards in trampoline-based interventions. Participants will learn marketing strategies, effective client communication, and building strong professional relationships. They will also explore important aspects such as business insurance, equipment recommendations, liability documents, and ADA facility compliance.


Additionally, the course offers bonuses such as practical experience with hands-on training, advanced techniques for special populations, upskilling opportunities in areas like sensory session and therapeutic gymnastics, a community FB page for practitioners, and post-course mentorship and consultation support.

Intended Audience:

PT, OT, SLP, Recreational Therapist, Play Therapist, Music Therapist, gymnastics coaches and business owners, trampoline park staff and business owners, non-profit organizations that provide recreational activities for children and adults with disabilities.



Cost:  $1500.00 USD