Tummy Time 101: The Tear-free Approach to Mastering Tummy Time

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Presented By: Dr Hope Reyes, PT, DPT

Course Description:

This is an online course to help parents with babies aged from birth to 6 months old. This tummy time program will give you the tools to feel confident with your baby’s abilities. Learn how to master tummy time by implementing Dr. Hope’s “Do your P.A.R.T.” system. This course will also help parents feel confident with their baby’s abilities and help to lay a strong foundation for future developmental milestones.

Learning outcomes:

  • Hours of self-guided video and photo content to help babies develop on track.
  • Learn how to implement Dr. Hope’s “Do Your P.A.R.T.” System to master tummy time.
  • Learners will have access to downloadable resources to track and implement tummy time.
  • Learn how to implement a solid foundation for baby milestones with a developmental milestone checklist.

Cost: $49 USD