An Introduction to Rebound Therapy

Presented By: Sigourney Weathers, PT, DPT, Therapeutic Trampoline Specialist

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Presenter Biography:

With 20+ years of gymnastics, trampoline, and disability knowledge and expertise, Sigourney equips professionals with the knowledge and skills to implement therapeutic trampolining and gymnastics techniques, fostering an inclusive community that empowers individuals with disabilities.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this webinar the learner will be able to:

    1. Define Rebound Therapy, understand the physical properties of the trampoline, identify the target audience, and discuss safety considerations.
    2. Explore the physiological and therapeutic effects of Rebound Therapy, including its impact on motor skills, sensory integration, and overall well-being.
    3. Learn sample trampoline activities, understand how each activity targets specific goals, and explore adaptations for individuals with diverse abilities.

Intended Audience: OTs/OTA, PTs/PTA, All pediatric health care professionals, Parents

Presentation Length: 30 Minutes

Certificate: Included.