Brain Breaks: Supporting Regulation for You and your Kids.

Presenters: Helen Boniface and Michelle Cole

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Presenter Biography:

Helen and Michelle collectively share 28 years of teaching experience. Michelle has 18 years experience teaching as well as Deputy Principal and Leadership roles in primary schools. Helen is an experienced yoga teacher trainer and children’s yoga and mindfulness teacher.

Together they aspire to create positive change in schools and early education settings, to improve health and wellbeing of whole communities.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the concepts behind brain breaks and how to implement these to help self-regulate.
  2. Understanding the science of mindfulness, breathing and movement and some simple techniques you can use today.
  3. Learn practical, easy-to-use strategies to support your own wellbeing and confidence to share some new tools with your family and the children you support.

Intended Audience: All Pediatric Professionals, Teachers, Parents

Presentation Length: 30min-1 hour

Certificate: Included