Harnessing Neuroplasticity To Be The Best You Can Be

Presenters: Paloma Garcia and Danielle Perrecone

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Presenter Biography:

Dani Perrecone Alomoto

As the founding lead Brain Coach at In The Cortex, it’s Dani’s mission to share that the brain and limiting beliefs can change! She believes we all have the power within us to control our emotions and responses to any and all situations. Much of her work is in the areas of brain development and neuroplasticity.

Paloma Garcia Cruz

Paloma García is a founding brain coach at In The Cortex. Paloma has 10 years of experience with brain reorganization and 7 years of experience in at-home and school-based settings with kids and teenagers with autism and other neurodivergent challenges. She has completed studies in Cognitive Neuroscience at Columbia University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Neurological Rehabilitation and a Master’s in Neurodevelopmental Disorders at Instituto Superior de Estudios Psicológicos in Spain.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the true underlying reason for many behaviors that kids and adults struggle with regularly.
  2. Learn three practical, hands-on tools that you can use to help your brain function more efficiently.
  3. Identify the common signs of a disorganized brain.
  4. Identify what neurological compensation looks like and what it means.
  5. Learn about how the subconscious mind shapes the way we look at the world.
  6. Gain hope that we all have the tools we need to make our brains more efficient and our lives easier.

Intended Audience: All Pediatric Professionals, Educators, Parents

Presentation Length: 30min-1 hour

Certificate: Included