How to Deepen Connection and Stop Power Struggles

Presented By: Deb Fusek, MA, Certified Parent Coach

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Presenter Biography:

Deb Fusek helps parents of children ages 2 to 13 facing challenging behaviors to become empowered and equipped rather than feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and fearful of the future. Her approach considers brain-body connection and relationship.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The life-changing impact of learning your child’s brain and body connection.
  2. How to stop power struggles using a relationship-based approach.
  3. How to get a calm and confident parenting mindset.
  4. How to get the support each member of your family needs and stop the exhaustion cycle.

Intended Audience:  Parents, Students, and New Graduate Occupational Therapists

Length of Presentation: 40min

Certificate: Included