Introduction to Primitive Reflex Integration: Indications for Occupational Therapy Treatment

Presented By: Liana Bucciarelli, OTR/L, CPRCS

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Presenter Biography:

Liana Bucciarelli is a Certified Primitive Reflex Reflex Clinical Specialist (CPRCS) and Occupational Therapist. Liana specializes in treating children with various neurological disorders and impairments such as cerebral palsy, anoxic brain injuries, stroke, and microencephaly. Liana is also trained in pediatric toe walking and sensory-based strategies.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. What are primitive reflexes?
  2. What is reflex Integration?
  3. Identify the role of occupational therapists in primitive reflex integration.

Intended Audience: OT, OTA, Informative for parents

Presentation Length: 20 Min

Certificate: Included