Supporting Children with ADHD through Nutrition

Presented By: Shawna Hughes, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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Presenter Biography:

I’m Shawna Hughes, BSc., a Registered Holistic Nutritionist for kids with ADHD.  I have always been interested in Psychology and Health, and rather obsessed with food, but it was my personal struggles that led me to this calling.  I am a mom to two lovely little ladies, one of whom has struggled with inattention and anxiety.  I have struggled with anxiety since childhood and only discovered how much diet and lifestyle impact my mental health during my Nutrition studies.

I know firsthand how diet can impact attention, irritability, and anxiety – I’ve seen it in both myself and my child.  We’ve figured out the diet and lifestyle strategies that work best for us.  Now, I’m dedicated to helping other parents in similar situations find what works for their families.  There are so many options with diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes that can bring about huge improvements in focus, self-regulation, concentration and calmness.  It all comes down to figuring out the right fit for your family – and I can help you do that!

Webinar Description:

Various nutrition guidelines can be used to support ADHD as part of a holistic protocol. This presentation would briefly describe the nutrient deficiencies that are overrepresented in the ADHD population and how to prevent, identify, and manage them. Also, the implications of a high-carb, low-protein diet – why adequate protein is essential for optimal mental health (for neurotransmitter production and blood sugar balance). I will briefly discuss how poor digestion is linked to ADHD and how it can aggravate symptoms in various ways. Advice for optimizing digestion will be included (dietary changes and supplements).

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understanding how diet impacts ADHD and how to change the diet to help balance mood, energy, and focus.
  2. Being able to identify signs of deficiencies that resemble ADHD symptoms.
  3. Being able to choose high-quality supplements for deficiencies.
  4. Understanding which foods have more protein & how to include them in the diet.
  5. Identifying digestive triggers so they can be avoided to help optimize overall and mental health.

Intended Audience: Parents, Feeding Specialists

Presentation Length: 1 hour

Certificate: Included