The Role of the Foot in Early Intervention Treatment

Presented By: Louis J. DeCaro, DPM, President, ACFAP

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Presenter Biography:

Louis J. DeCaro. DPM is a Podiatric Physician who specializes in pediatrics with a special interest in sports medicine and biomechanics for both adults and pediatrics. Dr. DeCaro is President and fellow of the American College of Foot & Ankle Pediatrics (ACFAP). Dr. DeCaro is a Board-Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry. He also shares a patent on foot types.

He is in private practice in West Hatfield and a member of the surgical & medical staff at Franklin Medical Center as well as Holyoke Medical Center. In 2017 Podiatry Management Magazine named Dr. DeCaro one of the most influential podiatrists in the country. During 2018 he has been granted the prestigious honor of becoming a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow. As well during 2018 he was honored with being asked to give the Commencement Address for his Podiatric Alma Mater Barry University. In 2021 he received the prestigious honor of “Healthcare Hero” of Western Massachusetts by BusinessWest magazine. During 2022 his practice received its 9th straight Best podiatry practice award for Massachusetts.

In 2014 Dr. DeCaro started the first ever International Pediatric Foot & Ankle Conference. Now In its 9th year he not only organizes the conference and lectures, but gathers a mix of many different specialties of medicine from around the world to present. And attend. Four times a year he also runs a 1 and 2 day Biomechanics Masters Class around the United States which teaches practitioners comprehensive biomechanics of both the pediatric and adult patient.

Dr. DeCaro is the Director and originator of the Adult & Pediatric Gait Labs Biomechanics Clinic, which takes place biweekly at his West Hatfield office. It is a multidisciplinary clinic, which evaluates the most challenging of biomechanics patients, and helps to find them answers through orthoses and therapy.

Dr. DeCaro is currently publishing research on foot types and the long term affects in kids as well as working on re-defining Severs Disease and the treatment protocols of Down Syndrome and Autism patients.

Dr. DeCaro is an international lecturer on the topics of podopediatrics and biomechanics. He has lectured over 250 times in over 10 countries. He also appears on TV monthly on NBC advocating for better and more informed pediatric footcare. Please visit or email him at for further information and/or questions.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this webinar the learner will be able to:

  1. To understand the most common foot and ankle pathologies associated with podopediatrics 3 years and younger.
  2. Understand how to select the appropriate orthotic design and selection based on pathological foot-type and chief complaint in kids 3 years and younger.
  3. Understand how to assess when a flatfoot may not be normal in kids 3 years and younger.
  4. Understand how foot structure plays a huge role in treating patients with Sensory Processing disorders and autism spectrum diagnoses.

Intended Audience: OTs/OTA, PTs/PTA, All pediatric health care professionals, Parents

Presentation Length: 1 hour

Certificate: Included.