What Hinders Parent Engagement & Effective Strategies to Overcome Barriers (Full Course)

Description: This course comprises six modules encompassing more than 50 lessons and includes 20 downloadable worksheets. These modules are designed based on empirical evidence that illuminates the formation of parent engagement and identifies the obstacles therapists commonly encounter. Throughout the course, we will delve into these barriers and provide practical strategies to not only surmount […]

Rebound Therapy Practitioner Certification Program: Mastery in Therapeutic Trampoline Interventions

Description: Embark on a transformative journey in the Rebound Therapy Practitioner Certification Program: Mastery in Therapeutic Trampoline Interventions. This comprehensive 12-week course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to become proficient in Rebound Therapy. From understanding the principles and benefits of Rebound Therapy to mastering assessment techniques and intervention strategies, participants will gain a […]

Prenatal and Postnatal Academy

Description: Jenni Diamond Health is an online platform that provides evidence-based exercise programs and education for new and expecting moms and birthing individuals. This program includes the following: Prenatal or Postnatal Strength Program Unlimited Email Support Bonus: Expert Education Sessions Bonus: Private Facebook Group  Learning outcomes: Participants will be able to: Exercise safely and gain […]

Breastfeeding With Confidence: Getting Ready Prenatally

Course Description: This take-from-your-couch online course is perfect for new mothers, new-again-parents, and parents in late pregnancy. The webinar is a great start yet this course provides so much more information in 16 bite-sized videos with additional bonus videos and Breastfeeding Plan to share with your healthcare provider. The goal is for parents to gift […]

The Weaning Master Class

Course Description: The Weaning Masterclass is a comprehensive program tailored to infants up to one year of age. With its flexible structure, you can commence the course at your convenience, whether or not your child is yet ready for solids. This expertly crafted curriculum empowers parents with the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate the […]

Breathe Well, Stress Less Online Course

Course Description: Would you like to breathe better, stress less, and feel calmer? Do you notice that you and your kids are experiencing more stress and anxiety? Do you have a hard time concentrating and lack focus? If this sounds familiar, then this online course is for you. Breathe Well, Stress Less course offers simple […]

Calmer Kids Online: Emotional Regulation Made Easy

Course Description: Calmer Kids Online gives you everything you need to support your family’s well-being: Learn self-regulation strategies with Weekly Mindfulness Tools. Develop self-esteem and resilience strategies. Reinforce learning with journaling and reflection. Weekly yoga lessons and lesson plans. Develop mindfulness strategies as a preventative approach to mental health. Confidently support your child’s social and emotional […]

High intensity Exercise as a Change Agent for Improving Self-Regulation in Children with Sensory Processing Challenges

Course Description: The ExerSHINE Kids POWER Bootcamp Program combines numerous pre-existing evidence-based approaches with recent quantitative research on the program’s outcomes, conducted by the ExerSHINE Bootcamp POWER Program’s founder Dr. Amy Wheadon, to provide a novel program that significantly improves participants’ sensory processing skills and functional outcomes in daily occupations. This intermediate-level course will review […]

Introducing: In The Cortex Brain Reorganization 12 Week Program

Course Description: The human brain is designed to develop in a certain way. We are all born with unlimited potential, but life can sometimes become overwhelming. No matter what your life looks like up to this point, the brain can change and create new connections at any age. When we change our brains, we can […]

Becoming a Behavioural Detective: Understanding and Supporting Complex Behaviours

Course Description: Based on Kim Barthel, OTR’s most prolific and well-attended workshop in her career, this online recorded series will provide a deeper understanding of why people do what they do. The focus will be on complex and challenging behaviour, and using clinical reasoning to look well beyond the surface actions we observe. From developmental […]